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Mullens Dairy Bar Merchandise Display.jpg

Mullens Dairy Bar Vintage Foam Sign

This foam sign for Mullen's Dairy Bar in Watertown, Wisconsin was created as part of a merchandise display wall. Imitating their vintage storefront signage displayed to the public on Main Street, this sign calls out as you walk into Mullens to order your favorite ice cream or delicious burger.


Assisi Hall Design &
Foam Sculpting

The Assisi Hall was designed from top to bottom with images and copy to bring the "Assisi Pilgrimage" to everyone at St. Coletta of Wisconsin. Wallpaper wraps the entire hallway with hints of 3-d foam sculpted objects and acrylic standoffs to heighten the experience.

2023 Watertown Riverfest Logo Design.jpg

Watertown Riverfest Logo Design

Volunteering in my hometown of Watertown, Wisconsin, Watertown Riverfest is an annual event that brings music, carnival, and so much more to the city for a 4-day festival in August. I've done all the graphic work for almost 8 years now and this year included some fresh visual updates, including a new logo, amongst other graphic elements.

Gift of Time_Day of Install 1_edited.jpg

Gift of Time
Foam Sculpture

Gift of Time art piece created for Tomorrow's Hope in Jefferson, Wisconsin was unveiled in 2018. Featuring news articles and a gallery from HotWire Foam Factory.


Ophelia Textured Foam Sculpture

Created for the sensory room at St. Coletta of Wisconsin. This covers an entire wall featuring different fabric and paint textures for the individuals to touch and relax while occupying the sensory room.

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